VofV: The Next Wave of AgTech – Plant Probiotics

Brian GermanAgri-Business, Podcasts, Technology


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Are you wondering what the next hot opportunity in agtech is? Ponder no further. It’s microbes (aka probiotics for plants). Bruce Caldwell, chemical engineer extraordinaire and founder/CEO of 3Bar Biologics, has spent the last 15 years working on technology that delivers live, viable microbes to farmers. These supercharged microbes have the ability to continuously activate based on plant needs and improve field performance better than synthetic products. Good news; he’s perfected the tech and even won $250K last month during the AgSharks Pitch Competition to ramp up manufacturing. Listen as Bruce reveals the secret behind commercializing new tech platforms, the recipe for winning startup pitch competitions, and how to develop a product that is specific enough to meet the needs of individual farms but general enough to be applied to numerous operations.