VofV: Tackling Food Waste – Tech as the Watchdog of Quality Control

Brian GermanAgri-Business, Podcasts, Technology


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Imagine a world where every piece of fruit and vegetable you eat tastes as ripe as the day that it was picked or harvested. Hazel Technologies is making that world a reality. Understanding the amount of food produced globally that goes to waste, Hazel Technologies CEO Aidan Mouat has made it his mission to use chemistry to improve efficiency in the supply chain and solve the food waste problem…and he has been wildly successful. The Hazel Technologies team has invented tech (a small, sugar-sized sachet!) that will extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to four days. How? Listen to the episode as Aidan shares his tech secrets and the steps he took to raise $90 million and gain 150+ of the world’s biggest growers/packers/retailer as clients.