VofV: New Zealand Forecasts the Future of Agriculture Amid Climate Change

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climate change

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Peter Wren-Hilton, the Founder of Wharf42 Limited and the mastermind behind the upcoming 2035 Agri-Food-Tech Oceania Summit, joins the podcast to discuss how New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands are responding to the threat of climate change. “Climate change is real, it’s happening, and it’s happening much faster than we thought,” he says. One real-world example: Growers of kiwifruit already anticipate production moving from New Zealand’s North Island to the South Island, a complete upheaval of the current process. In addition, he gives a preview of the Oceania Summit in Auckland in October 2022, which will bring together growers, government officials and agtech leaders from around the globe – including California – to address the issue. “When you’ve got an environment where government, research and industry are working together, you can move much faster,” he says.