VofV: How Bayer’s Dr. Frank Wong Overcame His Skepticism About Biologicals

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Frank Wong

Dr. Frank Wong, one of Bayer’s Industry Affairs Directors, discusses his shift in opinion about biological solutions on this week’s episode of Voices of the Valley. “I would say that [during] the last two decades of my career, I’ve always been really cynical about biologics,” Frank says. In this episode, he discusses how and why he’s a recent convert on the issue. In the end, he says, it all comes down to supporting and providing tools for growers.

With new regulatory pressures presenting themselves all the time on both state and federal levels, Frank discusses the need for options, but acknowledges it isn’t going to be easy. “It’s certainly challenging for maintaining tools that actually allow you to produce fruits and vegetables that you can sell and market…There needs to be a way to address those types of challenges,” he said.

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