VofV: Hands-Free is the Only Way to Be

Brian GermanAgri-Business, Podcasts, Technology

hands free

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Voice-to-data is coming to agriculture…and it’s an absolute game-changer. Imagine being able to verbally cite your activities/data and receive a highly-accurate transcription while keeping your phone in your pocket throughout the day and having both hands free to hold tools, work on equipment or drive a vehicle. Then later have the ability to translate that information into patterns or trends that improve workplace efficiency. The agtech start-up company AgVoice Global is offering just that. AgVoice is the world’s first voice-to-data service that allows farmers and the ag specialists that support them to capture fast, accurate in-field insights on-the-go. Unlike Siri, Alexa or Google Voice Assistant, AgVoice specializes in agricultural terminology, ensuring that all ag documents (like food safety reports, compliance documents, etc) are exactly precise. (Bonus: AgVoice CEO/Co-founder Bruce Rasa reveals how the AgSharks Pitch Competition allowed him to leverage the PERFECT ecosystem for success.)