VofV: Grimmway Farms’ Jeff Morrison on Using Business Acumen to Direct Agtech Investments

Brian German Agri-Business, Podcasts, Technology

Grimmway Farms

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Jeff Morrison, the Director of Innovation and New Technology at Grimmway Farms, joins the podcast to discuss how he uses his interest in the business side of agriculture to dictate the choices his company makes on the technology side. For Morrison, solving the puzzle of how best to use agtech to make a return on a company’s investment is a universal concern, and he’s traveled extensively throughout Europe and Australia to learn how they have worked to solve the problems now faced by farmers in the Western U.S. “No one person ever has a monopoly on the best ideas,” he says. Despite significant differences in market demands, weather, and processing, Morrison says the common ground between global growers is valuable real estate to explore. “All of these organizations need technical people to help solve problems…you really want to combine insight that others have gained through the years.”