VofV: Farm from a Box’s Brandi DeCarli on Creating Local Food Access Through Entrepreneurship

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Brandi DeCarli

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Brandi DeCarli, CEO and Founding Partner of Farm from a Box, joins Dennis Donohue and Candace Wilson to discuss the dynamic and sustainable future of agriculture.

A listening experience that’s the perfect start to the new year, DeCarli shares a palpable excitement for the coming years in ag, and sees challenges as opportunities.

Whether it’s entrepreneurship or giving a TEDx talk, DeCarli weaves her willingness to thrive in the unknown throughout the conversation: “That is sort of quintessential to the entrepreneurial journey – to choose to just dive into the deep end and then figure out how you’re going to iterate along the way.”

Her adaptability has left an imprint on the product she helped create. Farm from a Box provides food sustainability solutions through flexibility. “We address that through a modular, decentralized drop-in infrastructural support system that works for addressing food crises [and] that also works for re-anchoring localized food production directly into the fabric of our communities,” DeCarli said.

Her goal is clear: “[To] use clean technology to really increase and strengthen localized food access and local and regional food production.”