Vilsack Happy with Clinton VP Pick

Dan General, Industry News Release



Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he is not upset that Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not choose him as her running mate and says he will do anything for the Clinton campaign. In an exclusive interview with The Hagstrom Report at the Democratic National Convention, Vilsack says he will be “happy to do whatever” the Clinton campaign asks. Vilsack was a finalist for Clinton’s vice presidential running before Clinton picked Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. Vilsack calls Kaine a solid choice and that he moved on over the disappointment of not being picked rather quickly. Jumping on board the Clinton campaign as a cheerleader, Vilsack called the Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump, “not temperamentally fit to be president.” As for what role, if any, Vilsack may play in the Clinton Administration, should she be elected President, Vilsack responded: “my sole focus right now is that Secretary Clinton becomes President Clinton.”

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.