Vilsack Disappointed in China Biotech Approval Delays

Dan Biotechnology, Industry News Release

Corn Hybrid Selection genetic biotechnology vilsack
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack expressed disappointment following meetings between the U.S. and China last week that failed to make progress on biotechnology approval delays. The U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade did not focus on approval delays for biotechnology, or genetically modified crop traits. Vilsack says China has made progress in the approval process, but “has not fully implemented commitments” on biotechnology approvals. In 2015, China agreed to streamline the nation’s biotech approval process. Last week, the U.S. requested that China clarify how its approval system for biotech traits will operate in a “predictable, transparent, and scientific manner.” Vilsack says the U.S. will be watching China’s National Biosafety Committee meeting next month and expects the remaining eight biotech traits will be reviewed based on science and risk, and approved.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.