Veteran’s Vision

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When active duty is over and it’s time to return to civilization, this thought comes to mind for a Retired Army Colonel in Kansas. Cathy Isom tells us about a veteran’s vision for helping others become farmers. That’s coming up on this Land of Ours.

Veteran’s Vision

From: The S.A.V.E.

The S.A.V.E. Farm

veteransA gap exists between the need for new farmers in our country and a large potential population of new farmers that exists within our veteran and transitioning service-member populations. The average age of our farmers is approaching 60 with 40% over 65. 63% of our farms are in the last generation. Therefore succession planning is critical in our farming future.

2.3 million veterans and transitioning service-members are looking for a meaningful way to live life. A high percentage of them indicate an interest in farming. Therefore, a tremendous opportunity exists.

To bridge the gap, a pathway to farming for our veterans and service-members is much needed.

veteransSoldier Agricultural Vocational Education, or S.A.V.E farm, will bridge the gap providing a home-like training center where they can learn to farm and heal as they are brought into the culture of agriculture.

S.A.V.E. Mission

veteransTo provide a training farm with an adjacent clinic, assist soldiers and veterans to transition, to find purpose and meaning in life and enable them to learn valuable vocational skills to meet the demand for agricultural ownership, employment, or other advanced schooling.Facilitate healing for those in need and place those trained on working farms.

Upon completion of training, transitioning service members and veterans will be matched with mentor farmers with the potential to work on, manage or own a farm.

Please view the videos to learn more about their program.

The S.A.V.E. Farm

Manhattan resident and Vietnam veteran, Gary LaGrange, helps wounded veterans transition into careers in agriculture.

The SAVE Farm Design
Graduate students from K-State’s College of Architecture, Planning and Design help wounded veterans by designing the SAVE farm and healing center.

Learn more about The S.A.V.E. Farm.

The images used courtesy of S. A. V. E. Farm.