Ventura County Women In Ag

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County crop and livestock reports for the year 2020 are surfacing across the state. These reports reflect the region’s hard work over the year and help to predict future trends. Ventura County Ag Commissioner, Ed Williams, recognized the importance of farm workers’ efforts and how it affects people’s everyday lives. “Farmers and farm workers a lot of times are working from daylight to dark and they are a very essential part of the health of our community and the quality of life we have here,” Williams said. “The ability to have food, clothing, all those things. It takes a full community to achieve all those things.”

Williams noted the success of the county’s industry is made up of more than just production agriculture, which is why in addition to highlighting the top commodities, the county’s report is also focusing on the contribution of the hardworking women in the industry. “We have a significant number of women in various positions of leadership in various different aspects of agriculture,” Williams said. “From production, packing house operation and management of farm operations all the way down to ag education for children to make sure they understand the importance of agriculture in our community and to the community-based organizations that advocate for farmworker safety.”

The theme of this year’s report is Women in Agriculture. Throughout the report, is a Q&A portion with three former women deputy ag commissioners and photographs of women working in agriculture. The report also has highlights of women and their unique industry stories. Ventura County estimated gross production value for 2020 was $1,985,365,000. Strawberries took the top commodity seat followed by lemons, nursery stock avocados and raspberries. To view the Ventura County Crop and Livestock report visit

Listen to the full radio report below.

Ventura County Women In Ag

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