Valent Products Increasing Yield Quality

Taylor Hillman General

Keeping product on the plant for greater maturing was the focus Valent conveyed to growers this past year.

Keeping Product on the Tree
Valent was emphasizing getting the most out of your crop this past year. Several of their products like ProGibb help growers get the maximum value out of their product. Bio-rational Specialist Jim Wargo says several of their products help in this way and some like Retain are very versatile. Wargo says these products have the same intent in the long run.

Increasing Marketability of Product
Valent is helping growers improve the marketability of yield. The focus for Valent this past year was helping growers maximize the quality of their product. Bio-rational Specialist Jim Wargo says ProTone is one of those products that simply increases the redness in grapes. Growers are familiar with their ProGibb line that keeps fruit on the trees and Wargo says it can improve Cherries also. Both applications that Wargo says make the most out of a growers product.