USGC Report Says U.S. Corn Harvest Quality was Excellent

Dan Corn, Industry News Release

usgcThe U.S. Grains Council (USGC) issued a report on this year’s corn harvest quality, saying a good growing season resulted in record yields that had very good quality. The report says the majority of crop conditions in 2017 were good-to-excellent. That led to strong plant size, good kernel health, and a projected record yield of 370.3 million metric tons, or 14.58 billion bushels.

If the projection turns out to be accurate, it would be the second-largest harvest on record. The report says just over 95 percent of America’s corn crop rated at U.S. grade number 2 or better. That result came from an extended planting period, a warm and wet vegetative period, a cool and dry grain-filling period, and a warm, wet, and slow harvest.

The average test weight came in at 58.4 pounds per bushel, higher than the five-year average, and shows excellent kernel-fill and maturation. Roughly 98 percent of samples tested below the Food and Drug Administration’s action-level for aflatoxins, which is 20 parts per billion. 100 percent of the samples tested below the FDA-mandated advisory level for vomitoxins.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.