USDA/NRCS Video: California Soil Health Partnership

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USDA/NRCS Soil Health videos featuring California farmers. The fifth of this series is titled:
Michael Crowell Profile in Soil Health

For any California farmer who doubts the soil-health benefits of no-till, Michael Crowell offers this challenge: “Just come look at my soil.”

Crowell, 72, and his son and business partner, Adam, 46, own and operate a 270-acre dairy operation in Turlock Calif., growing silage corn and forage mixes in support of their 700-head cow herd.

For those who take up his soil challenge, Crowell offers this prediction: “You are going to see soil that is in beautiful condition. There has not been a piece of iron in that soil since 2008,” he said. “We will dig into that soil and you will feel that soil – you will look at it and say, ‘That is unbelievable.’”

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