USDA Updates Payment Limitation and Payment Eligibility Rule

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Farm Service Agency recently published an update to the Payment Limitation and Payment Eligibility rule. Changes were initially made to the rule back in August. Once it was published, significant concern was raised in regard to the definition of ‘actively engaged.’ The latest update to be made addresses the issue to provide a wider eligibility pool for participating in USDA programs.

“We’re very appreciative to see USDA issue updated rulemaking that corrected that definition for family farms and their ‘actively engaged’ determination that was published in the Federal Register. Now it takes that provision back to the status quo that had been in place before the change that was made in August,” said Reece Langley, Vice President of Washington Operations for the National Cotton Council. “That is something that should take away some concern and uncertainty that would have been facing many family farming operations in the upcoming year had USDA not taken that important corrective action.”

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USDA Updates Payment Limitation and Payment Eligibility Rule
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