USDA Streamlining Crop Reporting

Taylor Hillman General, Industry News Release, Technology


USDA announced Tuesday farmers and ranchers can update their crop acreage reports at any USDA office without having to visit another.

USDA’s Farm Service Agency and Risk Management Agency can now electronically share the “common information” with other office locations. FSA Administrator Val Dolcini says “if you file your report at one location, the data that’s important to both FSA and RMA will be securely and electronically shared with the other location.” The change is part of the USDA Acreage Crop Reporting Streamlining Initiative, an interagency collaboration working to streamline the information collected from USDA program participants. Producers must still visit both locations to validate and sign acreage reports, complete maps or provide program-specific information. The common data from the first-filed acreage report will now be available to pre-populate and accelerate completion of the second report.