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USDA Seeks Proposals for Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership

Sabrina HalvorsonConservation, USDA-NRCS

You only have about two more months to get in a proposal for the Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership. Proposals are developed through a collaborative process between NRCS, Forest Service and local partners. Past partners have included county, state, non-governmental, Tribal, utilities or private individual stakeholders. NRCS and Forest Service national offices will evaluate the proposals and will announce the selected projects in late fall 2022.  USDA has invested more than $349 million across 110 projects in nine years through Joint Chiefs’ projects, which focus on areas where public forests and grasslands intersect with privately-owned lands. Since 2014, these landscape restoration projects have delivered important forest and rangeland funding to 41 states and Puerto Rico.

Landscape Restoration Partnership
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“The Joint Chiefs’ will align with USDA’s shared stewardship strategy by selecting projects that demonstrate a cross-boundary effort, work at the appropriate scale and have mutually defined priorities that support local communities,” said NRCS Chief Terry Cosby. “Partnerships at all levels – federal, state, Tribal and local—lead to well-developed, successful continued conservation with large scale impacts. Joint Chiefs’ has a proven record of success, as further reflected in the program’s inclusion in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.” 

Landscape restoration project proposals are due by Aug. 5, this year, for the 2023 fiscal year. Contact your local service center for more information or click here.