USDA Announces the Appointment of Karli Moore to Serve on the Farm Service Agency State Committee in California

Brian German Agri-Business, Industry News Release, USDA-NRCS

The USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) today announced the appointment of Karli Moore to serve on the FSA state committee in California which ensures the effective and efficient delivery of FSA federal farm programs to the state’s agricultural producers.

Members of the FSA state committee are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and are responsible for the oversight of farm programs and county committee operations, resolving program delivery appeals from the agriculture community, maintaining cooperative relations with industry stakeholders, keeping producers informed about FSA programs and operating in a manner consistent with USDA equal opportunity and civil rights policies.

Karli Moore

Moore, of Stanford, California (Santa Clara County), is a doctoral student at Stanford University and has an extensive background in agricultural work. She was raised on a family farm in Lumbee tribal homelands – an experience that has shaped both her studies and professional work. She is actively focused on Indigenous agriculture and advocacy for tribal producers. Moore was most recently the Director of Programs at the Native American Agriculture Fund, where she worked to combat the legacy of racial discrimination in the agriculture industry through capital and infrastructure investments in Indian Country.

Over the past year, she has also served in an equity-focused advisory role with Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. In this role, she learned the specific barriers that other underserved populations face when trying access USDA programs. Moore has a deep knowledge of agricultural economies across the country, understanding of racial and economic disparities in agriculture, experience working on tribal lands, and commitment to climate-smart agriculture as a solution to addressing climate change.

More appointments will follow as USDA seats the three to five member FSA state committees for each state and Puerto Rico. The state committee chairperson will be named when all committee members have been appointed.

The Farm Service Agency serves farmers, ranchers, foresters and agricultural partners through the effective, efficient and equitable delivery of federal agricultural programs. The Agency offers producers a strong safety net through the administration of farm commodity and disaster programs. Additionally, through conservation programs, FSA continues to preserve and protect natural resources and provides credit to agricultural producers who are unable to receive private, commercial credit, including targeted loan funds for beginning, underserved, women and military veterans involved in production agriculture.

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