Update to Prop 65 Concerns Related to Roasted Nuts

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Officials have made a formal proposal for acrylamide limits for nut products under Prop 65 rules. The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment put for a level of 225 parts per billion for acrylamide. President and CEO of the Western Agricultural Processors Association, Roger Isom expressed concern at how that number was arrived at.


“We’re not sure that there’s really a lot of science base behind it. It was based on some settlements on previous lawsuits over acrylamide from almonds,” Isom noted. “We’re not sure that they’re adequate or reasonable levels to be set at. We appreciate what they’re doing in trying to find a level to put out there that would be acceptable. But there’s got to be some more thought and discussion behind the setting of that level.”

Listen to the radio report below.

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