Upcycling Jars for Gifts

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upcycling jars
Cathy Isom tells us how a little creative upcycling can make gift-giving a lot of fun this year. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Upcycling Jars for Gifts

Time to take those old jars that have been using up all of that cabinet space and turn them into something useful and unique – possibly even Christmas gifts.

Small baby jars can be turned into personalized salt and pepper shakers. While larger jars, like ones used for pickling, anything of a quart or more, can be used for growing fresh herbs.

Or how about making snack packs with old pint and/or quart jars, something about the right size for personalized snacking. Be sure the jar has been scrubbed and dried well before filling with threats. Sewing kits in a jar will make a great gift. Put a little foam or padding on the lid and cover it with a bit of scrap cloth to create a handy pin cushion. Then stuff the jar with an assortment of threads, needles, some scissors, a thimble, safety pins, and a cloth tape measure. Jars make great storage containers for just about anything, and they’re great for vases, too. Jazz them up with a bit hot glue, ribbon and some paint.