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Understanding Weeds Help with Your Plan to Eradicate Them

DanOrganic, This Land of Ours

How understanding weeds will help with your plan to eradicate them.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

There’s an incredible variety of weeds out there and most fall into a few basic categories. Understanding these can help you eradicate them from the farm.

Taprooted Weeds, such as Dandelions, are slow to start and hard to eradicate once established. Their seeds need light to germinate, but they can also spread by root cuttings. If you till up taprooted weeds, you will end up with lots more taprooted plants.

Niche-Fillers, such as White Clover or Crabgrass, take up empty space left unoccupied by changes in environmental conditions.

Opportunists, like the false strawberry spread by runners and make use of the fertility we add to the top few inches of our soil. Then they exploit the inevitable compaction created when we leave tilled soil bare and under-utilized.

On tomorrow’s program, the multi-step approach to mitigate weeds.

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Understanding Weeds Help with Your Plan to Eradicate Them