UCANR Releases New Report for Raspberry Production Costs

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A new report from the University of California features the estimated raspberry production costs for California’s central coast.  The cost and return studies that are released by UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ (UCANR) Agricultural Issues Center and UC Cooperative Extension provide important information for growers contemplating new commodities to grow.Raspberry Production Costs

The latest study, “Sample Costs to Produce and Harvest Fresh Market Raspberries in the Central Coast Region – 2017,” examines the samples costs to establish, produce and harvest fresh market raspberries in Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito counties.  The report also has an expanded section devoted to labor.  UC Cooperative Extension farm advisor and co-author of the study, Mark Bolda noted that the researchers looked at farming specifics such as overhead tunnel management, fertility practices and labor costs over a three-year period.  While the information can be valuable to growers looking to diversify their operations, the study itself is only intended as a guide and results may not apply to all farming operations.

The information in the report is derived from assuming a well-managed farming operation that employs the practices common to the region.  The hypothetical farm is 45 contiguous acres of rented land, with raspberries being planted on 42 acres.  Each crop harvest is three months long, with the crop being hand-harvested and packed into 4.5-pound trays.  There is information within the study that explains the criteria used to identify costs of materials and expected yields, which will not necessarily apply to all farms.

The report on raspberry production costs, along with studies for other commodities is available through the UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics website.  These types of studies are funded by the UC Agricultural Issues Center and UC Cooperative Extension, which are both a part of UCANR, and the UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.


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