U.S. Tractor and Combine Sales Increased in August

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Combine Sales

U.S. tractor sales increased last month compared to 2020 while combine sales jumped 19.8 percent, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers monthly sales report. Combine sales posted the second month in a row of growth near 20 percent in the United States, and total farm tractor sales climbed 9.9 percent.

Sub 40 horsepower tractor sales were up 8.7 percent, and mid-sized, 40-100 horsepower, sales were up 5.4 percent. Heavy-duty units saw significant growth, with the articulated four-wheel drive segment leading the way for the fourth straight month by climbing 40.4 percent to 306 units sold. Year-to-date farm tractor sales remain up 13.3 percent and combines up 13.8 percent.

For Canada, total farm tractor sales were up 1.9 percent and combine sales were up 28.7 percent. AEM’s Curt Blades states, “Farmers investing in more of these big machines is another indicator of that farmer optimism we’ve been seeing.”

The National Association of Farm Broadcasting and the American Farm Bureau Federation contributed to this report.

U.S. Tractor and Combine Sales Increased in August