U.S. to Send Representative to Post-TPP Summit

Taylor HillmanIndustry News Release, Trade

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The United States will send a representative to a trade summit later this month on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. The agreement is thought to be dead following President Donald Trump’s removal of the U.S. from the deal.

However, The Chile Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed a U.S. representative would attend the summit March 14th and 15th, according to the Hagstrom Report. Chili organized the summit after Trump withdrew the U.S. from TPP. The summit is expected to consist of at least some of the other countries that were supposed to be part of the TPP, and China has also been invited to attend. The U.S. representative attending the event has yet to be confirmed, but would likely be acting U.S. Trade Representative Maria Pagan.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.