U.S. Pork Production Expanding

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productionRabobank predicts steady growth for the pork industry. A new report by Rabobank says increased production and additional processing capacity, and the likely improvement of margins will help the U.S. pork industry remain in expansion mode through 2025.

The report, “Steady Growth Ahead for the U.S. Pork Industry,” says domestic consumption is expected to grow slightly, but most of the growth should come in the form of exports. The report says exports are the “most important” component of demand for U.S. pork. To remain in profitable expansion through 2025, the report says the U.S. will need to increase pork exports by 400,000 metric tons.

By 2025, researchers anticipate exports to increase by 100,000- metric tons to China, and more than 200,000 metric tons to Mexico, leaving the need to find additional markets for the remaining 100,000 metric tons.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.