U.S. Government to Spend $50 Million in Seed Quality

Dan Industry News Release, Seeds

The U.S. is trailing China in federal ag research and seed-breeding investments. China has outspent the U.S. in those categories for the past ten years. To help combat the low spending, House Democrats Mark Pocan of Wisconsin and Darren Soto of Florida introduced the Seeds for the Future Act earlier this year.

seedA Farm Journal report quotes a release from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition as saying farm businesses need to overcome a host of obstacles to stay viable in today’s economy. The obstacles include increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, invasive pests, and previously unseen crop diseases. The release also says, “The Seeds for the Future Act will increase farmers’ access to these 21st-century seeds by making much-needed investments in breeding programs.”

Funding will focus on developing seeds that help farmers combat the challenges they face in today’s growing environments. The Act ensures federal investments to support farmers and researchers who are working to develop seeds that will be effective in diverse farming operations and locations.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.