Type of Melons Known for Their Sweet, Enticing Flavor

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The type of melons known for their sweet, enticing flavor and scent. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. 

There are two types of muskmelons that you can try growing. Eastern muskmelons have deep ribs on the skin. The western varieties have smooth-skins.

Muskmelons don’t tolerate cold yet have a long growing season. It’s important to look at the maturity dates when choosing a variety. Make sure you have a long enough season.

  • Edens Gem is a popular heirloom variety that has green instead of orange flesh.
  • Sarah’s Choice have a super creamy sweet flavor that melts in your mouth and smells really good.
  • Hannah’s Choice is another hybrid and has a rich sweet taste with a high Brix sugar rating of 13.
  • Prescott Fond Blanc Melon is an heirloom variety that is downright ugly with its warty, thick skin and flattened. A true cantaloupe, Prescott Fond Blanc hails from France and has been grown there since the 1860s.

Melons love the sun and need warm weather to grow. Don’t set out seeds till about two weeks after your last frost.

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Type of Melons Known for Their Sweet, Enticing Flavor