Tulare Pomegranate Crop Sees Ups and Downs

Taylor Hillman General, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

In specialty crop news, it was a mixed review for pomegranates in Tulare County for 2012. Sabrina Hill has the details.
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The Tulare County 2012 Crop Report is out, and it shows good and not-so-good news for pomegranate growers in the county.

Pomegranates are becoming more and more popular around the state, but remain a smaller crop for most counties. Tulare County Agriculture Commissioner Marilyn Kinoshita presented the crop report to the Board of Supervisor earlier this week.

Overall, the county had another record-breaking year, with a total production of $6,210,693,000. It is California’s second top ag producing county, behind Fresno.