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Phostrol® protects crops from within, moving through the entire plant for active protection. See what makes Phostrol your trusted, fully systemic fungicide.

  1. What is Phostrol?

Phostrol is a phosphite fungicide that delivers proven, cost-effective disease control for improved crop quality and higher yield potential against a host of diseases. A neutral pH requires no buffering and allows integration with many other fungicides. These traits allow for compatibility in tank mixes, making Phostrol an excellent fit for many disease management programs.

  • How does it work?

A fully systemic fungicide, Phostrol readily moves throughout the entire plant system. As a phosphite fungicide, Phostrol can directly inhibit fungal growth and indirectly trigger the plant’s own immune defense (systemic acquired resistance) as well.

Phostrol is especially effective at controlling water mold fungi (Phytophthora, Peronospora, Plasmopara, Phytium) but has activity on other plant disease organisms as well.

  • Is Phostrol a fungicide or a fertilizer?

Phosphorous acid products have shown marginal value in providing phosphorus in a form available to plants. However, phosphoric acid fertilizers break down into phosphates which are readily incorporated into plant nutrition systems. Although the fertilizer effects are meager, the phosphites released from phosphorous acid products are the active ingredients that result in disease control.

  • Why does it matter that it is EPA registered?

Any product that makes claims for the control of plant diseases, insects, weeds or plant growth regulator effects are required to be registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide. The pesticide label contains essential information that ensures that the use of the product does not result in any unreasonable adverse effects to humans, other animals or the environment. The label also contains useful information on the best way to control the target pests.

  • How does Phostrol work with other fungicides?

Phostrol’s complex, multi-site mode of action makes it an excellent partner in fungicide resistance management programs. When used in combination with other products (as a tank mix or in sequential applications), Phostrol can be an effective program component that manages several diseases while reducing the likelihood that the targeted populations will build elevated levels of fungicide resistance.

This season give your crops the disease protection they need. Go to for more information on Phostrol and Nufarm’s comprehensive lineup of fungicide and bactericides.