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Trump Considering Trade Protection Measures Against China

DanIndustry News Release, Trade

The Trump administration is mulling trade protections against Chinese investments in the United States and a broad range of tariffs. The consideration is seen as a punishment by the administration trumpto Beijing for its alleged theft of intellectual property.

An announcement by the U.S. Trade Representative’s office investigation into China’s intellectual property practices is expected in the coming weeks, setting the stage for further trade protections by President Trump. The move comes as Chinese officials have been studying curbs on U.S. products such as soybeans, according to Bloomberg.

Officials from Japan met with the Trump administration last week, with both sides expressing a desire to avoid a trade war. However, further escalating Trump’s desire to protect U.S. trade, the deficit between Chinese goods imported to the U.S. and American goods exported to China last year reached $375.2 billion, an eight percent jump from $347 billion in 2016.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.