Trump Trade Policies Good for New Zealand?

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

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The New Zealand trade envoy says a Donald Trump presidency might be good for his country. Special Agricultural Trade Envoy Mike Petersen says, “He (Trump) is really strong on holding countries accountable on their trade obligations and that’s a good thing.” He points to the resolution of a recent trade dispute with Indonesia as an example. The NZ Farmer News website says a trade dispute led to the collapse of New Zealand beef exports to that country. Back in 2013, both the U.S. and New Zealand took 18 trade complaints before the World Trade Organization, which ruled in favor of the two countries in December, ending the four-year-old case. “If he’s stronger on making sure trade partners meet their obligations in the first place, there should be less time spent on trade disputes and more time spent trading,” Petersen said. Trump’s campaign pledge to “make America great again” could have more positive implications for trade. Peterson says, “He’s going to be pro-growth and development, stimulating the U.S. economy with spending on infrastructure and development, which will increase growth and demand for products from partners like New Zealand.”

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.