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Trump Adviser Calls for Farm Bill Revamp

Dan General, Industry News Release

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A co-chair of Donald Trump’s agriculture advisory committee says the Farm Bill needs a revamp. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller told Politico this week the farm bill was written in a time of high commodity prices, adding “we need to revamp it.” Miller deferred specific comment until Trump’s campaign for President rolls out its full agriculture platform. Miller is one of more than 40 people whom the campaign has given the designation “co-chair” of the advisory panel. Miller says other issues will be considered in the platform, including the Waters of the U.S. rule, the Bureau of Land Management’s range-land practices, the Endangered Species Act and the Environmental Protection Agencies pesticide registration process. Trump’s agriculture platform should be announced soon. The campaign said during the Republican National Convention it would be released within a week or two. Those comments are now three weeks old. There’s been little released regarding a similar platform in Hilary Clinton’s campaign. However, last month Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack urged rural voters to back the Democratic presidential candidate. Vilsack says “she listens” and that agriculture needs a listener in the next four years. Key leaders during the Democratic National Convention suggested some rural conservative voters could be won over for Clinton if Democrats made the case for why she is better on agriculture policy issues.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.