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Ag Groups Seek Truck Weight Limits Increase

Dan Industry News Release

truck weightA coalition of agriculture groups has asked Congress to include language in an appropriations bill to allow ten states to increase commercial truck weight limits. The coalition is asking Congress to allow the states to engage in a pilot program to obtain information on the safety and environmental benefits of increasing the maximum commercial truck weight on interstate highways. In a letter sent to leaders of the House Appropriations Committee, the coalition noted that it’s been 35 years since the government last updated the gross vehicle weight limit of 80,000 pounds on federal interstate highways. Meanwhile, all 50 states have passed exceptions allowing trucks greater than the weight limit to operate on local roads. Also, more than 30 states have higher limits on their portions of interstate highways. Under the pilot program, ten states could opt-in to allow 91,000-pound, six-axle, bridge formula-compliant trucks on federal interstate highways within their borders, and collect additional safety data regarding the gross vehicle weight and axle configurations of commercial trucks involved in serious accidents.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.