Tree Removal Program Aids Fight Against ACP

Taylor HillmanCitrus, General, Industry News Release

Tree Removal Program
Bayer is teaming up again with California’s citrus industry to help the fight against the Asian citrus psyllid, creating the Abandoned Citrus Tree removal program.

The Abandoned Citrus Tree removal program (ACT) is a new collaboration between Bayer and California Citrus Mutual (CCM). Abandoned groves have been an issue in the southern part of the state as some growers have walked away from their trees due to the cost of water. Those groves can harbor Asian citrus psyllid populations even when the trees look dead.

Through the newly formed ACT program, CCM will work with growers, government officials and local residents to review and agree to the removal of trees that are not being properly managed and pose a threat to harbor ACP.

Tree Removal Program
Bayer Cropscience has teamed up with CCM before when they launched their #citrusmatters last year. The hashtag campaign help fund ACP and huanglongbing research and raised awareness of this deadly issue. Find out more at