Treatments ‘Buying Time’ for Psyllid Research

Taylor HillmanCitrus, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

Adult Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama. Photograph by Douglas L. Caldwell, University of Florida.

Researchers say that area-wide treatments for Asian citrus psyllids (ACP) are just meant to buy time for research studies to come up with a solution for huanglongbing disease.

‘Buying Time’ for Psyllid Research

Industry leaders told growers at last month’s Citrus Mutual Showcase that they have never been able to fully control the ACP. Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program Grower Liaison Coordinator Bob Atkins says spot eradications and area-wide treatments are just meant to hold off populations until researchers can find a cure for huanglongbing.