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TPP Headed for Ratification in Japan

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The ruling liberal Democratic Party and the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan have both agreed to hold a lower House vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership this week. That means the trade deal will likely be ratified during the current session of the Japanese Parliament. The website Asia dot Nikkei (Nee-kay) dot com says the Japanese public still seems to have doubts about the pact when it comes to things like food safety, intellectual property, and other points. The lower house is expected to pass TPP on Friday due to the majority held by the ruling liberal Democratic Party, along with some support from other political parties. A constitutional provision in the country’s lawmaking process means that any decision in the lower house automatically becomes law if the upper chamber doesn’t do anything on it within 30 days. If the upper chamber wants to act on it, deliberations could begin by Monday. Opposition lawmakers raised objections to imported meat containing growth hormones, which isn’t legal in Japan. Opposition groups also called for the labeling of genetically modified fish and the products that contain them. The current Prime Minister of Japan suggested several responses to food safety concerns but hasn’t committed to any specific procedures yet.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.