TPP Agreement Formally Signed

Taylor Hillman General

The next step in the journey of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal was reached with signing of the agreement by member nations Wednesday.

TPP Formally Signed

Putting pen to paper, representatives of the 12 member nations within the Trans Pacific-Partnership signed agreement to this landmark trade deal Thursday morning Auckland, New Zealand time; Wednesday evening in the United States.

Prior to the signing event U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman spoke to reporters,

“The more people who had a chance to see the details and review and understand the benefits are now coming out in support of it.”

Including agricultural groups like the American Farm Bureau Federation as well as manufacturing, business, and IT organization.

“These are organizations represent literally tens of thousands of businesses and playing tens of millions of Americans who endorsed TPP and we expect the support will grow over time.”

Now the TPP agreement must be ratified by the lawmaker bodies of all 12 nations including the US Congress, Japanese national diet, and Canadian and Australian Parliament.