Toughest Ground Covers to Solve the Worst Garden Problems

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The toughest ground covers to solve some of your worst garden problems. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Every yard has at least one difficult spot where it’s a challenge to get anything to grow. Often what you need is a really good groundcover. They will help control erosion, blanket a hillside, or thrive in dry conditions while still complementing your home and garden. Some are evergreen, while others lose their foliage in winter. A few can even tolerate light foot traffic.

If it’s dry, it’s time for Thyme. This aromatic groundcover excels in beds, borders, and containers. Hens-and-chicks is a small but mighty succulent that’s terrific in small or tight spaces, between garden stones, or in a trough garden. The best groundcover for shady spots are Sweet Woodruff, Ajuga, and Lamium. Besides staying green throughout the hot summer months, Brass Buttons, Mondo Grass, Lamb’s Ear, and Pachysandra – which is also called Japanese spurge – will add winter interest to the garden as well!

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Toughest Ground Covers Solving the Worst Garden Problems