Tool to Quantify Soil Health Benefits Available from AFT

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A new tool kit that can help to quantify soil health benefits is being made available to industry members. American Farmland Trust (AFT) has launched online access to the methods and training resources that were used in the development of several case studies. Users will have access to AFT’s Retrospective Soil Health Economic Calculator Tool to evaluate the costs and benefits of soil health conservation practices. The practices include no-till or reduced tillage, cover cropping, nutrient management, and conservation crop rotation.

The tool presents the net economic benefits in a partial budget analysis table and provides an estimate of the Return on Investment in the soil health practices. “AFT encourages our fellow conservationists to use this suite of tools and training resources to produce their own case studies demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits of soil health,” AFT water director Michelle Perez said in a press release.

Listen to the radio report below.

Tool to Quantify Soil Health Benefits Available from AFT
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