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Tips for Planting a Butterfly Garden

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tips butterfly gardenWe all need to remember, butterflies are pollinators. What better way to attract butterflies than to plant a garden. Cathy Isom has some tips for planting a beautiful butterfly garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Butterflies can be a great attraction to any garden. Not only will they bring you great joy, but they’re also attract a lot of beautiful colors.

First you should start by finding out which butterflies are common in your area so that you can plan to plant the right flowers and plants, as well as the right shelter and food and water sources that will attract them. Your garden should be designed with different sized plants that grow to different heights.

Most culinary herbs are a good start, especially sage, chives and lemon verbena. Sunflowers are another good choice, as are marigolds, which are often used as pest deterrents for vegetable gardens. Other popular flowers include milkweed, the favorite of monarchs, purple and yellow coneflowers, lilies, asters, and daisies. Butterflies also like aromatically useful plants like lavender and bee balm.

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