Third Californian Ever Selected for Partners in Advocacy Leadership Class

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The 10th Partners in Advocacy Leadership (PAL) class was recently announced by the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF).  The group of young farmer and rancher leaders will engage in various training programs and activities to further develop their skills as representatives of the future of the agriculture industry.  The latest PAL class includes Jenny Holtermann, a fourth-generation California farmer and agricultural advocate known as ‘Almond Girl Jenny.’

Partners in Advocacy Leadership

Jenny Holtermann

“There’s only ever been two people from California,” said Holtermann. “So, it really is an honor to have been selected and I’m excited to represent California and get to meet some other farmers and trade stories about what they’re doing and what we’re doing and learn from each other as well.”

Other members of the PAL class include David Hafner and Bryan Jones from Florida, Erika Archie from Texas, Matthew McClanahan from Tennessee, Beth Hodge from New Hampshire, James Henderson from Colorado, Sarah Ison from Ohio, Derek Orth from Wisconsin, and Kyle Wilson from Utah. The PAL curriculum is designed to be a high-level, executive training program to prepare participants to represent agriculture in the media, public speaking, congressional testimony, and other advocacy forums.

Graduates of the PAL program will have gained experience and confidence in important roles for future farm leaders.  Participants receive hands-on training on subjects from legislative policymaking to media relations and outreach.  Through four learning modules that build on one another, participants will graduate the program with the ability to engage stakeholders of all levels in a variety of fashions.

“I’m definitely excited for the future and how I can help others get more involved in their advocacy roles and help them grow as leaders as well,” said Holtermann.  “This is not just a great opportunity for me, but I think it will be good for our state as well to learn from the other individuals and learn how to enhance our state’s leadership role within Farm Bureau.”  

PAL participants are between the ages of 30 and 45, who have strong demonstrated leadership skills in the industry.  The Partners in Advocacy Leadership program is sponsored by AFBF, Farm Credit and Bayer.

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