Theft of 500 Cows in New Zealand

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grazing cows in hilly countryside-theft
Authorities in New Zealand are investigating what is believed to be the nation’s largest cattle theft in history. As many as 500 cows were stolen from a New Zealand dairy farm near the town of Ashburton. The 500 milking cows were reportedly taken from the herd of 1,300 head between early July and late August, according to online-based news website The Guardian. The farmer who owns the herd posted a plea for information on Facebook this week, but apparently was too embarrassed to talk to the media about what happened. A spokesperson for New Zealand’s Federated Farmers Dairy Industry Group says the cattle were likely butchered somewhere for illegal meat sales. The cattle were worth an estimated equivalent of $725,000, or one million New Zealand dollars.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.