The Western View: “Snake-Oil” Weathermen

Dan Weather, Western View

weathermenWhen a hurricane hits the east coast, we can count on a lot more than wind and water damage. We can count on some outrageous video, of these incredible weathermen and news reporters, who brave danger to bring us first hand reporting of the storm.

“Snake-Oil” Weathermen

These intrepid souls seem immune to the laws of science. The rules don’t apply to them so they can come and go in the danger zone as they please, to get the facts for those of us at home, safely watching from our living rooms.

Or maybe, there is less to the story. Maybe they are not in as much danger as they seem.

Hurricane Florence blew in the Carolinas with a vengeance, bringing an immense amount of rain. It also brought all these intrepid reporters that braved the wind and water to file reports out in the storm. One particular Weather Channel guy could barely stand, it was so rough. He was slipping and sliding and was obviously soaked – he appeared to about to be knocked to the ground by the wind, perhaps drowned by the intense rain – when two local men in shorts strolled into the scene, walking casually down the street behind him while the actor – excuse me, reporter – gyrated wildly from the intense wind.

To add to the low comedy, you could see he was bowed down in the wrong direction. He was bracing with the wind, not against it. But oddly, the two men in shorts strolling down the street had no problem standing straight.

This low drama is funny, all right, but it’s also very sad. It’s no wonder people don’t trust the media when they are treated to clown acts like this. Weather should be straightforward to report as it’s pure science; there’s no need to speculate or add such silly nonsense to their show.. So why twist those facts all out of proportion by staging – or attempting to stage – such a low drama?

Ratings. The more looks they get, the more ads they can sell. It’s all about chasing the dollar, not the truth. They are just selling patent medicine from a wagon, and using this horrific storm that killed two dozen people to get your attention.

Shame on you, Weather Channel. Not that the big networks did any better; they had their hucksters out too, all outdoing each other with their shenanigans.

These people call themselves reporters but really are just snake oil salesmen.

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