The Western View: Funding Site for Small Ag

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Barnraiser.US It’s the funding site for small ag.

The Western View: Funding Site for Small Ag
When I’m fooling around on the internet, One of my favorite things to do is cruise through the agriculture crowdfunding sites. Some of these sites are on the cutting edge of Ag science, and the Next Big Thing may be sitting right there on a web page, waiting to be discovered. Others are quirky, featuring the dreams and schemes of small farmers around the country. The big things are on sites like Agfunder; the small on sites like Barnraiser.

Most of the people on Barnraiser are experienced growers hoping to expand their business. They’re not asking for much – from $10 to a hundred or so – and the reward to the investor is a big thank-you and a chance to share in their dream. It’s a way for people with a little extra to help out fellow farmers who are working hard to build something new.

It’s people like Diane Graves and Kirstjn Eggers In Malaga Washington. They raise hogs – or did until a devastating fire destroyed their barns and livestock. They are rebuilding to produce pigs for local 4H and FFA kids to show, and to sell home-raised pork. Go read their story and you’re liable to dig into your pocket and share a little.

In Apple Valley, California, the Navajo Churro Sheep project needs funds to raise awareness of the breed, which they say is endangered, and to assist in the repopulation effort.

New Jersey-based farmer Meg Paska grows market vegetables and flowers for their 45 member CSA. She has 75 egg-laying hens, honeybees, and a small herd of dairy goats. She wants to scale up her goat operation and expand her goat’s milk soap business which sells out at their farm stand in their online store. She says this is the way to get their goats to pay their rent with some extra for growth!

Barn raiser dot US is a place where people give small amounts and it adds up to a big helping hand. That’s a good thing.

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