Technology Opening Markets for Small Farms

Taylor HillmanGeneral, Specialty Crops, Technology, Tree, nut & vine crops

Opening markets for small- to medium-sized producers is a trend fueled by the local food push, and online food hubs are one way technology is chipping in. eHarvestHub is one of several companies that have popped up in the last few years, and they saw a disconnect happening in a lot of other applications.

Opening Markets for Small Farms

Co-Founder and CEO Alvaro Ramirez says new technology has a bad habit of charging customers upfront. Ramirez believes that is where the disconnect happens, and that the goal for eHarvestHub is to keep everything as normal as possible. Ramirez says technology is supposed to aid the process and make things either possible or easier if it already exists, and these tools should shift the focus back to the small- to medium-sized grower, which was the point all along.