Task Force Addressing Increased ACP Trap Finds in Commercial Citrus

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ACP Trap Finds

The ACP/HLB San Joaquin Valley Task Force is calling attention to the recent rise in ACP trap findings in Kern County. Over the last two months, there have been a total of 35 discoveries in the area. Twenty of the findings were in commercial citrus sticky traps. Up until now, it has been a light year for Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) discoveries. After a recent meeting, the task force wants the industry to understand the seriousness of the uptick in ACP trap finds.

“Unfortunately, the suspicion is that these finds in commercial citrus are spilling over from residential properties.  It is up to the citrus industry to deal with this threat,” the task force said in a statement. “San Joaquin Valley citrus growers have done a good job using ACP effective materials when treating.  The cooperation shown by growers during coordinated treatments reflects their commitment to keeping ACP suppressed. Nevertheless, task force members wished to highlight what should be done to help control the Asian citrus psyllid here in the valley.”

The task force is encouraging industry action to ensure that citrus groves remain safe. Growers and pest control advisors are being asked to continue following best management protocols. It is important to understand when and where ACP may be present in groves. Diligent scouting using both visual and trapping methods are encouraged. Attention should also be paid in avoiding the inadvertent transporting of ACP.

The increase in ACP trap finds is alarming for industry members due to the recent discovery in Riverside County. A psyllid that tested positive for the bacteria that causes HLB was found in a commercial grove. The task force believes that the citrus industry “must operate under the assumption that there are positive psyllids and trees in the valley; they just have not been found yet.” The task force also emphasizes that neither a positive psyllid nor a tree has been discovered in the valley to date.

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