Tarping Fines Could Be Costly

Taylor Hillman Citrus, Pest Update

tarping fines
New tarping rules are in effect for California citrus. The industry must comply, or it will face costly penalties. Tarping fines could add up to $10,000.

A new regulation requires citrus loads to be tarped or fully enclosed as they travel through the state. “There were new compliance agreements that were mailed out,” Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program Grower Liaison Erin Betts said. “The new regulation states that every load, regardless of origin or destination, must be tarped.”

Betts said not complying with the new rules can be very costly. “The fine is not only for if you don’t have your load tarped properly, but also if you do not have your compliance agreement with you,” Betts said. “That violation could be up to $10,000.”

According to Betts, the industry has many ways to make sure they are properly complying with the regulation. “(The industry) can contact the county, local grower liaisons and also the California Department of Food and Agriculture.”