Taking the Hassle Out of Using Grease Guns

Brian German Technology

A relatively new product to the agriculture market makes the process of using grease guns much simpler. LockNLube is a company with a mission to “End Greasing Frustration” through their products designed to save farmers time and eliminate waste.

Those who use a grease gun on a regular basis are familiar with the challenges of getting the grease coupler onto the fitting without it leaking. LockNLube products are “going to lock onto that zerk fitting, it’s not going to pop off, it’s not going to leak, and it’s not going to require any hands to hold on,” said Jay Boren, President of LockNLube. “You know that the grease is actually going into the machine onto the bearings.”

The locking technology is the first major innovation to the conventional coupler design used in grease guns in more than 80 years. “Our product is an attachment that works with any grease gun, you take off your old coupler and put ours on and it solves all those issues,” said Boren.

The technology was originally invented by a sugarcane farmer in South Africa who was tired of the hassle involved with greasing his machines. He then teamed up with Russell Barnes, a longtime logger, to bring the product to North America and created the LockNLube brand. The family-owned business now has a series of products to “save a lot of farmers and other machine operators a lot of frustration, a lot of wasted grease and makes that part of their day that much easier,” Boren noted.

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Jay Boren