S&W Seed Company to Participate in the 2015 World Seed Congress

Taylor Hillman General, Seeds

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S&W Seed Company (Nasdaq: SANW) is participating in the International Seed Federation 2015 World Seed Congress, being held this week in Krakow, Poland.

Mark Grewal, president and chief executive officer of S&W Seed Company, commented, “Following our acquisition of DuPont Pioneer’s alfalfa seed production and research assets, S&W has become a true ‘one-stop shop’ for farmers’ alfalfa seed needs.

“We have the broadest array of product offerings, encompassing all dormancy and diverse topography types, as well as industry leading classically bred and transgenic traits. In addition, by having the largest and most diversified alfalfa seed production capabilities in the world, we are better able to serve the needs of distributors and customers by having strong diversification. We look forward to a productive series of days in Krakow.”

The International Seed Federation is one of the preeminent gatherings of the world’s leading agricultural seedsmen in which to exchange information on recent developments in research and technology, share industry knowledge and identify mutual concerns, enable strategic thinking and discuss issues, develop industry networks and meet with customers and suppliers to negotiate business contracts. For more information on the International Seed Federation 2015 World Seed Congress, please visit www.worldseedcongress2015.com. For more information on the International Seed Federation, please visit, www.worldseed.org.

About S&W Seed Company
Founded in 1980, S&W Seed Company is a global agricultural company, headquartered in Fresno, California. The Company’s vision is to be the world’s preferred proprietary seed company that supplies a range of forage and specialty crop products supporting the growing global demand for animal proteins and healthier consumer diets. The Company is the global leader in alfalfa seed, with unrivaled research and development, production and distribution capabilities. S&W’s capabilities span the world’s alfalfa seed production regions with operations in the San Joaquin and Imperial Valleys of California, five other U.S. states, Australia and three provinces in Canada, and S&W sells its seed products in more than 25 countries around the globe. Additionally, the Company is utilizing its research and breeding expertise to develop and produce stevia, the all-natural, zero calorie sweetener for the food and beverage industry. For more information, please visit www.swseedco.com.