Super Bowl Chicken Wings

Taylor HillmanFeatures, This Land of Ours

Chicken wings
Just how many chicken wings will Americans eat on Super Bowl Sunday? Here’s a hint. It starts with a “B”. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Super Bowl Sunday means the last two great two football teams of the NFL season – and the best of the best munchies and snack food before – during and after the game.

While the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers battle it out for the famed Lombardi trophy during Super Bow 50… it’s very likely that You and I will be amongst the more than 100 million people watching the game – and also eating some type of Super Bowl party food, and there’s a really good chance it’s going to include chicken wings. In fact, this year the National Chicken Council says Americans will eat 1-point-3 BILLION chicken wings. That’s up 3 percent or 37 and a half million from last year’s big game.

It’s enough for every man, woman and child in the U-S to have four wings each. The National Chicken Council estimates that of the wings eaten during the Super Bowl, 75 percent will come from food service outlets and 25 percent from retail grocery stores.

The average wholesale price of whole wings is currently about 1-78 per pound. That’s down from around two dollars a pound at the same time last year